As the demand for Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions continues to rise, telecom solution providers face the challenge of integrating, programming, and deploying software on the hardware for these systems. One of the main issues faced by these providers is that the hardware is not always available or online when programming is needed. JobRunr Pro, a powerful background job processing library, offers an effective solution to this problem by automatically retrying until the programming of the hardware is successful. Furthermore, its dashboard enables providers to keep track of deployment progress in large VoIP installations. This article explores the use case of JobRunr Pro for a telecom solution provider.

Background and Challenges

A leading US telecom solution provider, specializes in designing and deploying VoIP solutions using Cisco hardware. With an increasing number of large-scale projects, this telecom solution provider faced two significant challenges:

  1. The hardware was often not available or online when programming and integration were required.
  2. Monitoring the progress of deployment across multiple sites and hardware configurations was becoming increasingly difficult.

To address these challenges, they sought a solution that would streamline the programming and deployment process while providing a comprehensive monitoring solution.

Solution: Implementing JobRunr Pro

They opted to implement JobRunr Pro to tackle these challenges as JobRunr Pro offered the following benefits:

  1. Automatic Retrying: JobRunr Pro’s automatic retry feature ensures that background jobs, such as programming and integration, are retried until successful. This allows them to initiate programming jobs even when the hardware is not yet available or online, ensuring that no time is wasted.
  2. Monitoring Dashboard: The JobRunr Pro dashboard provides a real-time overview of the ongoing background jobs, including programming and deployment tasks. This allows the project managers to monitor the progress of deployment across multiple sites and hardware configurations with ease.

Results and Benefits

By implementing JobRunr Pro, the following results were achieved:

  1. Streamlined Programming and Integration: With the automatic retry feature, programming and integration tasks were carried out more efficiently, without waiting for the hardware to become available. This resulted in reduced time spent on project completion and improved productivity.
  2. Enhanced Monitoring: The JobRunr Pro dashboard allowed project managers to monitor the progress of deployment across multiple sites and hardware configurations effectively. This enabled them to detect potential bottlenecks or issues early on, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth deployment.
  3. Improved Customer Satisfaction: With a streamlined process and better monitoring capabilities, they were able to deliver VoIP solutions to its customers more quickly and with fewer hiccups. This led to improved customer satisfaction and a stronger reputation in the market.


JobRunr Pro proved to be a valuable asset in addressing the challenges faced during the integration, programming, and deployment of VoIP solutions using Cisco hardware. Its automatic retry feature and comprehensive monitoring provide unseen advantages compared to other solutions resulting in faster deployments and increased customer satisfaction.