Social Security Funds are responsible for calculating and disbursing extra legal benefits for construction workers, taking into account various factors such as the weather, age, sick days, and holidays. The calculations were previously time-consuming, but with JobRunr Pro’s distributed nature and workflow feature, a Social Security Fund in Belgium has significantly sped up the process, resulting in accurate and efficient calculations, document generation, and reporting.

How is JobRunr Pro used?

Data Collection:

The Social Security Fund gathers data on construction workers’ wages, sick days, holidays, and weather conditions for the past year. This information is collected from various sources, including worker time logs, construction site records, and meteorological data. Recurring jobs managed by JobRunr Pro check whether new data is available on predefined moments per day.

Calculation and Document Generation:

The Social Security Fund’s IT department implemented JobRunr Pro to process the data and perform calculations based on the collected information. By taking advantage of JobRunr Pro’s distributed nature, the calculations are distributed across multiple servers, significantly reducing the time required for processing.

Workflow Creation:

The IT department created a workflow using JobRunr Pro’s workflow feature to automate the process of calculating extra legal benefits, generating the necessary documents, and creating a final report with the total cost of all wages. This workflow is triggered when new data is available for processing.

Document Generation:

JobRunr Pro generates personalized documents for each construction worker, detailing their calculated extra legal benefits. These documents are then made available to the workers and the Social Security Fund for review and record-keeping.


The workflow feature in JobRunr Pro compiles a comprehensive report outlining the total cost of wages for the extra legal benefits, enabling the Social Security Fund to track expenses and allocate resources accordingly.


With the help of JobRunr Pro, the Social Security Fund has streamlined the process of calculating extra legal benefits for construction workers, allowing them to focus on their core mission of providing financial security to their members.