JobRunr products use software provided by third parties, including open source software. The following copyright statements and licenses apply to various components that are distributed with various JobRunr products. The JobRunr product that includes this file does not necessarily use all of the third party software components referred to below.

Licensee must fully agree and comply with these license terms or must not use these components. The third party license terms apply only to the respective software to which the license pertains, and the third party license terms do not apply to the JobRunr software.

In the event that we accidentally failed to list a required notice, please bring it to our attention by sending an email to

ASM by OW2 community

ASM is imported as a transitive dependency and is used to read the byte code of the provided lambda and find the correct class method and arguments of the job to process in the background. These are then serialized to Json and stored in a StorageProvider.
License: BSD

SLF4J by

SLF4J is imported as a transitive dependency and is used for logging purposes.
License: MIT

JavaCron by Ahmed AlSahaf

JavaCron was used as the basis for the Cron scheduling in JobRunr. It is a great and well-tested Cron parser.
License: MIT

React by Facebook

JobRunr uses React to render the dashboard.
License: MIT

Material UI Community for React by Material UI SAS

JobRunr uses Material UI community edition for all dashboard related widgets.
License: MIT

cRonstrue by Brady Holt

cRonstrue is a Javascript library and transforms a Cron expression into Human Readable format. It is used in the frontend on the Recurring Jobs page.
License: MIT