Server Tags

Server Tags allow you to filter jobs by certain tags so that they are only run on specific servers.

Do you have some jobs that can only be run on certain servers (e.g. jobs tied to a specific OS like Linux, Max and Windows)? Or do you want to run a job only on the server that created the job? JobRunr has you covered with Server Tags!

A BackgroundJobServer can have multiple server tags and a job can specify only one server tag via the Job annotation. If the server tag of the job matches any of the server tags of the server, the server is eligible to run the job.

Each BackgroundJobServer and each Job is by default tagged with the DEFAULT tag - this makes sure that if you do not specify a tag on the Job, it gets executed anyway.


Using server tags is as easy as using Queues, again thanks to the Job annotation. Just add it to your service method and specify on which server your background job should run.

@Job(runOnServerWithTag =  LINUX)
public void doWorkOnLinuxServers() {
    System.out.println("This will only run on a server tagged with LINUX");

Run job on the server that created the job

A special server tag is available to run a job on the server that created that same job. This comes in handy when you want to run a job that uses a resource (like a file, …) that is only available on the server that created the job.

In that case, you can use the following:

@Job(runOnServerWithTag =  "%CURRENT_SERVER")
public void doWorkOnCurrentServers() {
    System.out.println("This will only run on the same server as where the job was enqueued or scheduled.");


Configuration is easy, both in the fluent api and using Spring configuration:

Fluent Api

Using the fluent API, pass all the server tags as Strings (or string constants) to the BackgroundJobServerConfiguration.

    .useBackgroundJobServer(usingStandardBackgroundJobServerConfiguration().andTags(LINUX, MACOS))
When configuring server tags, specify all the server tags for that server.

Spring configuration

For the Spring configuration, you can use the org.jobrunr.background-job-server.tags property to set the different server tags.