JobRunr Pro

Replacing jobs

Is your job running with outdated information? Then just replace it...

Do you need to replace an already enqueued job? Or a job that is already being processed? Thanks to the JobRunr Pro enqueueOrReplace and scheduleOrReplace you can update the existing job easily.

UUID cityId = city.getId();
Observation observation = observationService.getLatestObservation(cityId); // the original observation
BackgroundJob.enqueue(myId, () -> weatherService.predictWeather(cityId, observation));

Observation observation = observationService.getLatestObservation(cityId); // the updated observation after a storm
BackgroundJob.enqueueOrReplace(myId, () -> weatherService.predictWeather(cityId, observation));
This replaces the existing background job as it uses the same uuid to create the job.

By default, JobRunr ignores jobs with an id that already exist in the JobRunr database. The reason for this is that JobRunr allows to create jobs from JMS messages in a load-balanced environment. By ignoring a job that already exists, we’re sure to run the job only once.