JobRunr Pro

Job time-outs

Cancel your jobs automatically if they take too long to complete

Do you have jobs that take forever due to some 3th party libraries that are unreliable? Or are your job executions sometimes stuck due to networking issues? With JobRunr Pro, you can have your jobs fail automatically if they take too long.

Usage via @Job annotation

Using a job timeout is really easy, again thanks to the Job annotation. Just add the annotation to your service method and specify the job process timeout in ISO8601 Duration format:

@Job(processTimeOut = "PT5M")
public void jobCanBeInterruptedIfItTakesTooLong() {
    System.out.println("This job will be interrupted if it stays longer than 5 minutes in PROCESSING state");

Usage via JobBuilder pattern

When you are using the JobBuilder pattern, you can pass the serverTag via the JobBuilder.

        .withDetails(() -> System.out.println("This will not run parallel as it is guarded by a mutex"));

Important: If your Job times out, it will go to the FAILED state automatically. Using the default Job configuration, it will automatically retry thanks to the exponential back-off policy. Depending on your business need, this may not be the desired and it can make sense to change the amount of retries to for example 0.


Job time-outs don’t require any configuration.