JobRunr Pro

Database Migrations

Use Flyway or Liquibase to migrate your JobRunr related tables

JobRunr will by default perform all database related migrations automatically for you.

If you are not allowed to have a user using DDL rights at runtime or if due to company policies, you cannot have JobRunr do the migrations for you, there are several options which we will discuss below. If you manually take control of your migrations, please note that we may introduce changes with a new to the database schema. It is then up to you to make sure that all the necessary database changes are applied.

If you do your migrations by hand or using an 3th party tool like Flyway or Liquibase, you will need to tell JobRunr it should not perform the migrations for you. This can again be done via a property:


Let’s go over the different options to migrate your database:

Setup a custom user only for the Database Migrations

In JobRunr Pro, you can setup a different user that will only be used during the database setup and migrations. As soon as the migrations are done, it will not be used anymore. This user can be configured in a property or in an environment variable.

To do so in Spring Boot, use the following


Generate Flyway or Liquibase migrations

Another option in JobRunr Pro, is to export the SQL Scripts in Flyway or Liquibase compatible format. You can then add these migrations to your existing managed sql scripts and do the JobRunr related database changes using your tool of choice.

To do so, use the DatabaseSqlMigrationFileProvider:

java -cp jobrunr-${jobrunr.version}.jar;slf4j-api.jar {databaseType} (-DtablePrefix=...) (-DdatabaseManager=...) (-Doutput=...)
    - databaseType is one of 'db2', 'h2', 'mariadb', 'mysql', 'oracle', 'postgres', 'sqlite', 'sqlserver'
    - databaseManager is one of 'none', 'liquibase', 'flyway' (defaults to none)
    - output is the directory where to create the requested files (defaults to current directory)

Apply the SQL scripts yourself

You can always apply the scripts yourself by means of the DatabaseSqlMigrationFileProvider:

java -cp jobrunr-${jobrunr.version}.jar;slf4j-api.jar {databaseType} ({tablePrefix})

This will generate all database related scripts and allows you to manually setup and update your database.