The built-in dashboard gives you helpful insights into your background jobs

JobRunr includes a built-in dashboard which gives helpful insights into your background job methods. The dashboard allows you to see and control any aspect of background job processing - you have a detailed view on any exception that occurred and you can see the complete background job history.

By default, it is available on the following url: http://localhost:8000. Of course, this is configurable:

Using fluent configuration

The dashboard will be started on port 8000

Using Spring configuration

Using the application.properties you can enable the dashboard which will be started on the given port

Do you want a more powerful dashboard with authentication, configurable context path or even embedded within Spring, Micronaut or Quarkus? Then have a look at the JobRunr Pro Dashboard!

Readable Job Names thanks to the @Job annotation or the JobBuilder
You can easily configure your Job Name and some Job Labels for the dashboard by means of the @Job annotation:

@Job(name = "Sending email to %2 (requestId: %X{request.id})", labels = {"tenant:%0", "email"})
public void sendEmail(String tenant, String from, String to, String subject, String body) {
    // business code here
We can use the @Job annotation to provide the dashboard with a readable Job name and some labels.
These properties support parameter substitution. In the example above, %2 will be replaced with the `to` parameter. You can also access the SLF4J Mapped Diagnostic Context (see %X{request.id}).
The same is also possible for labels.

This is of-course also possible using the JobBuilder pattern:

    .withName("Sending email to " + to)
    .withLabels("tenant:" + tenant, "email")
    .withDetails(() -> emailService.sendEmail(tenant, from, to, subject, body)))
We can use the JobBuilder pattern to provide the dashboard with a readable Job name and some labels.


A complete overview of the amount of jobs that are being processed
An overview of all enqueued jobs
When a job failed, you see a detailed message why it did fail
A detailed overview of a succeeded job
An overview of all recurring jobs with the ability to trigger or delete them
An overview of all background job servers processing background jobs

JobRunr Pro comes with handy dashboard improvements

Thanks to queues, we have an overview how many jobs are enqueued on the high-prio queue, standard queue and low-prio queue
The Pro version also gives an overview of all your batches
Follow up on your batch jobs thanks to the enhanced job details of a batch job