Celebration time!

I’m pleased to announce the release of JobRunr v6.1.0 (which is now available via Maven Central) and JobRunr Pro v6.1.0 which is available for customers with a subscription.

This release includes an important bugfix that surfaced during our internal load testing that exists already since JobRunr 1.0. In some cases, JobRunr does not close an InputStream resulting in a FileSystemException because of too many open files. See GitHub issue 707 for more info.

Another big improvement is that you now have more options in the JobServerFilter, allowing you to take custom actions when a Job failed and all the retries are exhausted.


  • GitHub issue 639 JobRunr Pro : You can now change the Recurring Job schedule from the dashboard
  • GitHub issue 571 JobRunr Pro : Liquibase and Flyway support
  • GitHub issue 687 JobRunr Pro : Allow to have different user for SQL migrations then at runtime
  • GitHub issue 671: Allow easier mocking of JobContext: you can now call MockJobContext.setUpJobContext(jobContext) which helps to test Jobs using the JobRequest & JobRequestHandler
  • GitHub issue 690: Quarkus extension support for AWS DocumentDB: JobRunr now also supports AWS DocumentDB out of the box
  • GitHub issue 696: The functionality of the JobServerFilter has improved a lot. You can now have custom logic that will be executed when a job succeeds, fails or fails after all retries are exhausted.


  • GitHub issue 50 JobRunr Pro : Performance improvements related to batch jobs
  • GitHub issue 27 JobRunr Pro : Performance improvements related to batch jobs
  • GitHub issue 104 JobRunr Pro : On intermittent database problems, JobRunr stops processing
  • JobRunr Pro The dashboard running in Spring did not support context path
  • GitHub issue 707: Classpath InputStream not closed when analysing a lambda
  • GitHub issue 691: JobContext as parameter for Recurring Job not working for Quarkus (we had to work around a bug in Quarkus)
  • GitHub issue 694: Primitive Parameters used in lambda are cached in some cases.