Celebration time!

Summer has ended, school has started so it’s about time for a new release! I’m pleased to announce the release of JobRunr v5.2.0 (which is now available via Maven Central) and JobRunr Pro v5.2.0 which is available for customers with a subscription. Major highlights are performance improvements and a fix for one of the longest outstanding bugs in JobRunr.

New features in JobRunr & JobRunr Pro

This release again adds some performance improvements.

  • Dashboard counters: One of the heaviest queries JobRunr makes to your SQL database is a query that returns the counters for the dashboard and the metrics. This query has now been optimized and, depending on your database, and now uses 2 to 10 times less CPU.
  • Recurring jobs Dashboard improvements: The recurring jobs dashboard has improved and is now paged.


  • issue 557: Severe JobRunr Exception is now fixed when a lot of exceptions happen
  • issue 448: JobRunr Skipping Recurring Jobs due to time drift
  • issue 539: Value too long for type character(128) on creation of a recurring job