JobRunr Pro Dashboard - your first line support servant

During a call with a JobRunr Pro customer I was surprised when they told me that the developers had a 20% increase in developer productivity since they switched from an in-house developped job scheduling system to JobRunr Pro.

Thanks to the JobRunr Pro Dashboard, the developers had less interruptions from 1st line support.

The difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support

In a nutshell, when a customer reports a problem the issue is first reviewed by first line support. They try to solve and provide support for common and basic problems customers have. For more complex tasks, there is the second line of support - often the developers who created the software with which a customer has a problem. Sometime even they need help for external services or highly technology-specific issues from third line support.

How does JobRunr Pro help first line support?

As first line support analysts are not always technical savvy, it’s best to support them as much as possible in their day to day job using tools that are easy to use for them.

Hello JobRunr Pro Dashboard!

Thanks to job filters, you can quickly find the job you are interested in.

As this company gave first line support access to the JobRunr Pro Dashboard and made sure to add the customer name in the job name, they can now easily find out if a job for a certain customer succeeded or failed. In case of a failure, they simply requeue the failed job and that often solves the issue for the customer. Thanks to this simple workflow, the developers are not being interrupted that much anymore and have more time to create new and awesome features!

Is your application internal only? Even then the JobRunr Pro dashboard helps developers to be more productive as they can quickly find all the jobs they are interested in thanks to the searching capabilities. Are there a lot of failed jobs? Instead of queueing them one by one, they can reschedule them all saving precious time.

Are you still running your own Job Scheduling Framework?

Use JobRunr Pro and give back time to your developers.