Celebration time!

I’m pleased to announce the release of JobRunr v1.3.0. It is now available for download from Maven Central.

New features

  • Redis Group Segregation: Do you want to run multiple JobRunr installations within one Redis cluster? This is now possible thanks to Redis Group Segregation. You can now define a key-prefix for each JobRunr cluster - this allows you to split multiple JobRunr applications within just one Redis Cluster.
  • Diagnostics Report on ShouldNotHappenException: Distributed programming is difficult - some rare issues (like #89 Synchronization problem) are really difficult to debug and not easy reproducible. I also think that quality is really important and the root cause of these issues must be solved. That’s why as of now, in case of such an exception, JobRunr will automatically detect it and it will allow you to create a Github issue on the fly. Sometimes, a movie says more than 1000 words…

All improvements & bugfixes