Celebration time!

I’m pleased to announce the release of JobRunr v1.1.0. It is now available for download from Maven Central.

This release contains some breaking changes:

  • make sure to finish all scheduled and enqueued jobs and to also re-register your recurring jobs before upgrading.
  • the jobrunr-spring-boot-starter uses new properties that are more in line with Spring Boot. See the Spring configuration page for more info.

New features

  • jobrunr-spring-boot-starter: Thanks to the help of Spring Core Contributor Stéphane Nicoll, we now have improved support for the spring-boot-starter. You can enjoy autocomplete when defining the properties for the jobrunr-spring-boot-starter.
  • JobNotFoundNotifications: When you start JobRunr, it will now display a warning in the logs and a notification in the Dashboard if there are scheduled jobs which do not exist anymore (e.g. due to a breaking change to your jobs). This allows you to fix these JobNotFoundExceptions fast instead of finding out later when the job fails.
  • Other notifications: When a job succeeds, it will automatically go to the deleted state after 36 hours (this is of course configurable). The dashboard (when viewing the job details) will now show a notification that the job will automatically go to the deleted state.


And to conclude, did you know that:

  • JobRunr is now featured on Baeldung?
  • JobRunr received contributions from a Spring Boot Core Member?
  • JobRunr received contributions from an Uber engineer?
  • JobRunr almost has 200 Github stars?
  • I will soon add a cheaper license for startups and freelancers?
  • I have my first inquiry for a JobRunr Pro license?

All improvements & bugfixes

  • GitHub issue 39: Too verbose logging in Quarkus Dev mode.
  • GitHub issue 41: Show a message when a job will be automatically deleted
  • GitHub issue 42: Support Lettuce 5.0 and 6.0
  • GitHub issue 43: Only one recurring job is executed if jobs have the same method signature
  • GitHub issue 45: A warning message is logged and displayed in the UI if scheduled jobs do not exist anymore
  • GitHub issue 46: JobRunr does not work with Jackson 2.11.3
  • GitHub issue 48: spring-boot-starter - Avoid @ConditionalOnClass on bean methods
  • GitHub issue 49: spring-boot-starter - ConditionalOnProperty usage use wrong property format
  • GitHub issue 50: spring-boot-starter - Configuration properties should be structured and documented rather than raw access to the environment
  • GitHub issue 51: spring-boot-starter - Storage-related auto-configurations must be ordered after the auto-configurations they rely upon