I’m happy to announce that v0.9.12 of JobRunr, a distributed job scheduling library, is now available in Maven Central.

Noteworthy changes:

  • JobRunr continues to support more databases - it now also supports DB2! This means JobRunr support’s now 8 of the 10 most used databases worldwide.
  • As I’m working to version 1.0, I’m preparing JobRunr for GraalVM native mode - this means you will be able to run background jobs at light speed thanks to GraalVM. You can check out a preview here: https://github.com/rdehuyss/quarkus-hackathon


  • the IoC container (e.g. Spring or CDI) was not used when instantiating jobs which have a default constructor. It was used only when the Job had a non-default constructor with dependencies.
  • fix for RedisStorageProvider (multi threading issues)
  • UI fix - statistics not always updated

I’m happy for any feedback on your experience with JobRunr and the source is of course available on GitHub.