I’m happy to announce release v0.9.7 of JobRunr!

I did not blog in detail about each release but since the release of v0.9.3, a lot of stuff happened:

Extra supported databases

JobRunr now supports the top 5 of all databases used in the world (according to https://db-engines.com/), including Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MongoDB! On top of that, JobRunr also supports MariaDB, Redis, H2 and SQLite. Of course we have extensive tests to cover all these databases.

JMX Integration

Some users of JobRunr asked for JMX integration and this is what we built: using JMX you can see the amount of jobs that are enqueued, are processed or have succeeded and/or failed. You can also pause and resume the Job processing if you want.

Maven Central

I’m also happy to announce that, as of version v0.9.7, JobRunr is available from Maven Central! This means easier installation and configuration. Just add the dependency to JobRunr and you’re all set to go!