Time for a new release and we have some great new treats for you:

Dashboard improvements

Dashboard overview

A lot of time was spend improving the dashboard - it now has the same look & feel as the website and there is a complete new dashboard overview:

The dashboard shows an estimation about whole long it will take before all enqueued jobs will be completed and a graph about how many jobs per 5 seconds were processed (either successfully or failed). You immediately see how long your background job server is up and how much free memory it has.


The Job details page also received some love - you can now requeue any job immediately from the job details page. Did the job fail because of a service that was down? Just requeue it when the service is back up & running and you’re all set!

Recurring Jobs

There is now a dedicated Recurring Jobs page which allows you to manage all your recurring jobs. Do you not want to wait until the cron expression evaluates? Just trigger the recurring job from the overview and it will be enqueued immediately.


Do you want to know whether your servers are still performing well? The Job servers page now shows some handy statistics where you can see the memory usage, CPU load and other useful numbers.

Redis support!

We already said JobRunr would soon support other storage systems and that time has come! We are happy to announce that you can now use Redis as a storage provider for JobRunr.